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On the Encore! experience:

"Encore! has been the most positive, fun, learning experience my kids have ever had!  The shows are top-notch and the directors who work tirelessly to put it all together are AMAZING!"

Heidi Griffith

"Encore has helped me to step out of my comfort zone, make great friends, explore my talents, and put them to good use. Through Encore I have found my passion in music theater. Plus, the Encore family is incredibly supportive, kind, and it is just an awesome environment!"

Lily Patota

"Joining Encore! was definitely a pivotal point in my life. I met so many loving and encouraging people. Not only did Encore! grow me as an actress, but it also taught me about teamwork. I made some of my closest friends at Encore!, And everyone always had each other's back. Encore! will forever hold a special place in my heart."

Kara Steindel

"So many of my best memories have come from my five years performing with Encore! It is a community full of encouragement, learning opportunities, and wonderful friendships. Not to mention the productions are always fantastic!"

Allyson Hunsicker

"We had just moved from Florida so we didn't really have any friends when we found Encore!. Everyone welcomed us and was so awesome and friendly! Encore! has been so amazing, we love everyone so much, and the productions are so fun!"

Abigail Riethmiller

 "Encore! is truly a family and I will always be so proud to have been a part of that family. Can't imagine what my life would have been like without Encore!"

Katie Hackman

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